Radical Nails

The Radical Nails is a Hardware Mash-up and a Speculative Sound Circuit that mashes-up the Dirty Electronics’ Bed of Nails and the Simple & Radical.

Radical Nails: Photo Amit Patel

The Bed of Nails explores freeform and prototypic methods of construction for electronic circuits and is built from a range of materials: wood, nails, wire, and electronic components. The Bed of Nails is based on op amp feedback, open ‘clip art’ circuitry, and touch control. The instrument produces a range of pitched and non-pitched (noise-based) sounds. The method of construction represents a pedagogic tool for the reading of electronics schematics and the building of circuits. The instrument has been a stalwart of Dirty Electronics’ workshops since 2013. See Music for DIY Electronics.

Bed of Nails

Simple & Radical (snr for short) is a DIY noise circuit using the Radical Chip, a swappable microprocessor for the Mute Synth 4.0 by Max Wainwright and Dirty Electronics. The Radical Chip originally came with a limited edition A2 risograph printed poster/booklet on Microcomputer Music: a music made from mini microprocessors and raw electronics that is always in-flux, noisy and may be overwritten. Wavetable, direct digital synthesis (DDS) with the PIC12F1822/1840.

Radical Nails schematic and code (Radical Chip)

Pic: PIC12F1822/1840
PICkit 3 – programmer
Code written and compiled in:
xc8-v1.41 (compiler)

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